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PRO-LINK® Standard Rayon Finish Mop - 24 oz.

PRO-LINK® Standard Rayon Finish Mop - 24 oz.

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Duracell® Procell® Size AA Alkaline Battery - 1.5 Volt

Long lasting and dependable - even after seven years of storage. Long service life at high drain discharges. Date coded to ensure freshness. Primary Use: Pagers, remotes, flashlights, calculators. Operating Temp. Range: -4° F to 130° F; Terminals: Flat.

Manufacturers Item #PC1500

Fresh Super Odor Eliminator - Qt.

Instantly and effectively eliminates odors on and from fabrics, curtains/sofa, drains, air, soiled linens, pet areas, bedding, diaper pails, carpets, gym bags. Also garbage cans and almost anywhere. A trigger sprayer is attached to each bottle.

Manufacturers Item #6-32SOE

Greenwood Metal Push Broom Handle w/Metal Thread

Black metal handle.

Manufacturers Item #00454

WOW! Stainless Steel Wipes - 30 ct.

Environmentally friendly stainless steel cleaner. Safe non-toxic biodegradable stainless cleaner doesn't build up on surfaces so it's perfect for everyday use. Safe to use around your family and pets.

Manufacturers Item #110046-S

Greenwood Wire Wound Bowl Brush w/Plastic Handle

Manufacturers Item #00208

P&G Comet® Disinfecting Bathroom Cleaner - 32 fl oz.

Powers away tough soap scum and hard water stains without scrubbing. Dissolves soap scum and disinfects in one step eliminating the need for multiple cleaners. Safely cleans most surfaces with a non-abrasive formula. EPA registered. Hospital grade with citrus fragrance. 8 per case.

Manufacturers Item #01105

Fresh Super-Sorb - 12 oz. Shaker Can

Ideal for use in grocery stores, restaurants, hospitals, nursing homes, day care facilities, health clinics. Absorbs 60 times it's weight immediately. Soaks up vomit, blood, urine, and other spills. Saves clean-up time. Contains both a quat and a microbicide to eliminate odors. Lemon fragrance.

Manufacturers Item #6-14-SS

PRO-LINK® Natural Corn Janitor Broom

Blended fibers. 12" sweep face. Size: #26.

Manufacturers Item #CB004

O Cedar® Quick Change™ Fiberglass Mopstick Handle-Yel

Extremely durable, yet lightweight. Sanitary black plastic frame. Easy trigger release allows you to quickly discard soiled mop without touching it. 60" long x 1" diameter. Yellow. Swivel hang cap. Easy to sanitize.

Manufacturers Item #96516