Utility and Vehicle Brushes


Fuller® Heavy-Duty Truck & Window Washing Brush

A rugged, plastic block densely filled with extra soft bristles. Retains soapy water for better washing action. Will not scratch. Accepts threaded handles. 2 1/2" Trim.

Manufacturers Item #4117

O Cedar® 8.5" Utility Brush w/Nylon Bristles

Sanitary nylon bristles withstand the hottest temperatures and will not absorb odors or bacteria. Performs the toughest cleaning jobs. Great all around tool for kitchens and health care. Hanger hole for easy storage.

Manufacturers Item #96501

Fuller® Chemical Resistant Brush - 20"

Resistant to water, oil, grease & common solvents. Long lasting structural foam plastic block is moisture resistant and odor free. Green staple set fill remains stiff for better scrubbing even when wet.

O Cedar® Baseboard Bi-Level Floor Scrub

Split shape with dual positions; scrubs baseboards and floors with one stroke. Curved head also effectively scrubs corners. Flared ends for easy scrubbing. Washable red polypro bristles prevent spread of germs. Use with threaded handle. 1 3/4" trim.

Manufacturers Item #96619