Bowl Cleaners


Betco® Stix™ Toilet Bowl & Shower Tile Cleaner - Qt.

Phosphoric acid, detergents, wetting agents unite to quickly remove hard water mineral deposits, scale, rust, soap scum and filth from restroom surfaces. 20% Phosphoric acid for tough soils. Cherry Almond fragrance.

Manufacturers Item #07612

Ellison Ultra Bio Enzymatic Bowl Cleaner Deodorizer - Qt.

Today's bio-enzymatic solution to yesterday's problems associated with acid and caustic bowl and bathroom cleaners. Dilution: RTU. Gal. Pictured. White opaque/citrus/pH: 8.5-9.0/USDA: C1/NSF listed. 12 per case.

Manufacturers Item #095-0000006

Clorox Green Works® Natural Toilet Bowl Cleaner - 24 oz.

Powerful gel formula cuts through rust, hard water and stubborn mineral deposits. Angled spout designed to target hard-to-reach spots under the rim. Safe for septic systems.

Manufacturers Item #00451

Easy Paks® Bowl Cleaner - .5 oz. Packet

Pre-measured water soluble packet takes the guesswork out of cleaning. Does not contain harsh acids or caustics and won't harm plumbing. Pleasant fragrance. 2 Tubs (1/2 oz. packets/90 packets per tub).

Manufacturers Item #90652

Fresh Big Blue Automatic Toilet Bowl Cleaner - 9 oz.

Terrific maintenance in-tank cleaner. Cleans, deodorizes, and blues the water. Prevents scale build-up & saves cleaning time and money.

Manufacturers Item #12-BBL

Spartan Consume® Bio-Bowl Cleaner - Qt.

A natural acid, toilet, urinal, & shower room cleaner. Aqua blue color and fragrance. Each quart equipped w/flip-top dispensing cap. pH: 1.5-2.5.

Manufacturers Item #3397

Spartan Germicidal Bowl Cleanse - Qt.

Disinfects against many dangerous bacteria found in toilet bowls and urinals. Safe for use on all vitreous china surfaces. pH <1. 12/32 oz. per case, includes swab mop and gloves.

Manufacturers Item #7120

Spartan M.L.D. Bowl Cleanse - Qt.

Destroys many dangerous bacteria found in toilet bowls. Quickly removes rust, scale and lime deposits. pH <1. Will not harm plumbing or septic tanks.

Manufacturers Item #7225