Multiple Surface Cleaners


Betco® Green Earth® Peroxide Cleaner - 2 L, Fastdraw®

For daily use on floors, showers, glass and other hard surfaces. This one product can clean your entire facility. Green Seal™ Certified. Will not damage clothing like traditional bleach cleaners.

Manufacturers Item #33647

PRO-LINK® ChemiCenter ll™ #5 Non-Acid Bathroom Cleaner

Cleans, disinfects, and deodorizes in one step. Hospital grade. Blue color. Dilution rate: 1:64; Gallon yield per bottle: 41.

Manufacturers Item #B14303

PRO-LINK® ChemiCenter ll™ #6 Bathroom & Bowl Cleaner

EcoLogo™ certified formula cleans away soap scum, mold and mildew stains, hard water deposits, rust stains, body oils, fats and dirt. Dilution rate: 1:20; Gallon yield per bottle: 13. Green color.

Manufacturers Item #B14304

Betco® AF79 Restroom Cleaner Fastdraw® - 2 L

This concentrated, nonacid formulation is designed to clean, disinfect and deodorize hard inanimate surfaces in a restroom. Bactericidal, fungicidal and Virucidal, it is proven effective against a broad spectrum of pathogens . The powerful odor-killing ingredients in this product help to counteract malodors. Use with confidence, this nonabrasive disinfectant cleaner will not harm plumbing, slow septic tank action, etch porcelain or pit fixtures. Pleasant Citrus Bouquet fragrance. Efficacious against VRE and MRSA, staph, salmonella, pseudomonas and HIV-1 (AIDS).

Spartan Clean on the Go® Acid Cleaner 7 - 2 L

A light to medium duty cleaner/maintainer formulated for use on restroom and shower room surfaces, toilets and urinals. Non-fuming, acid bathroom/shower cleaner, citrusy scent. pH <1. 4 per case; 2 oz. makes gallon.

Manufacturers Item #4724

Spartan Clean on the Go® Foamy Bath/Restroom Cleaner 14-2L

Medium to heavy-duty cleaner, degreaser, and maintainer formulated for use on baths, restrooms, and on shower room surfaces, toilet bowls and urinals. Bright orange in concentrated form. Very pale - almost clear, when diluted.

Manufacturers Item #4815

Spartan M95 Mild Acid Cleaner - Qt.

Mild acid cleaner for tile, porcelain, china and metal. Removes soap scum. May be diluted depending upon cleaning requirement and type of surface. pH <1; USDA: A3. 12/32 oz. per case. Includes gloves with case.

Manufacturers Item #7115

Spartan Peroxy II fbc® Cleaner - Qt.

A proprietary blend combining citric acid and hydrogen peroxide. Foaming bath and all-surface cleaner. Formulated for light to medium soil loads. pH 2.5. Clings to soils increasing contact and penetrating time. Leaves surfaces cleaner, brighter and film free.

Manufacturers Item #3535

Spartan SparCreme® Cleanser - Qt.

Liquid crème cleanser with pleasant lime fragrance. Removes soap scum, stains and soil without dulling or scratching. Contains a mild abrasive. pH 2.0-2.5.

Manufacturers Item #7320