Cut Mop Heads


Golden Star® 8 Ply King Cotton Wet Mop - Standard 16 oz.

Full weight cotton wet mops absorbs two to three times it's own weight in moisture. Not launderable.

Layflat® Blue Screw-Type Cut-End Blend Wet Mop Heads

Mop goes from the bag to the bucket with no break-in period. Grade 1 yarn; great absorbency; cotton/synthetic blend. Blue hides the dirt marking this ideal to protect public image.

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Golden Star® Comet™ Blend Standard Wet Mops

4 ply. Balanced blend dref-spun yarn has twice the absorption of an ordinary cotton cut-end wet mop. No break-in time required. Not launderable.

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PRO-LINK® Economy Plus Cut End Wet Mops

Available in 12 oz. to 32 oz. and 1" and 5" headbands. True ounce weights, cotton fibers, white mesh headbands. 4-ply open end yarn.

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PRO-LINK® Screw-Type Blended Cut End Wet Mops

Available in various sizes. Four blended fibers - cotton, rayon, polyester, and acrylic. Good absorbency.

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PRO-LINK® Screw-Type Cotton Cut End Wet Mops

Available in various sizes. Requires break-in period to remove oils. Can be used with bleach. High durability, true ounce weights.

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