Car / Truck Wash & Detailing


aero® Briter 601 Aluminum Cleaner

Available in various sizes. Aluminum cleaner & brightener that will not harm painted surfaces when used as directed, however, it will etch glass. Concentrated acid solvent detergent compound.

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aero® Tire Bright Auto Detailing Cleaner

Available in various sizes. Silicone-based tire and rubber dressing is easy to apply and fast drying. Solvent-based formula allows for good water repellence and durability. Dilution: RTU. Blue/solvent.

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Spartan Xtreme Custom Car Wash Detergent

Formulated to remove road film, grease, road salts. May also be used in coin operated automatic wash systems. pH ranging from 8.0 to 9.0. Concentrated clear, custom designed for hand washing and the detailed needs of the automotive exterior care industry.

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