Corn Brooms


O Cedar® Kleenette 100% Corn Broom

Natural broomcorn has hair-like follicles that trap & hold dust particles. Fan shape for easy sweeping; extremely lightweight. Great for picking up hair and fine dust. 42" long x 13/16" diameter red hardwood handle. 13" sweeping surface; 2 sew; 6 per case.

Manufacturers Item #2104-6

O Cedar® Parlor Corn Broom

Corn/yucca blend parlor broom. Ideal for use on rough surfaces. 42" long x 7/8" diameter black pine handle. 11" sweeping surface; 4 sew.

Manufacturers Item #6104-6

PRO-LINK® Natural Corn Janitor Broom

Blended fibers. 12" sweep face. Size: #26.

Manufacturers Item #CB004

PRO-LINK® Natural Corn Warehouse Broom

Blended fibers, wire band. 12" sweep face.

Manufacturers Item #CB005