Chemical Dispenser & Equipment


Betco® FastDraw Pro® Four Product Dispenser

The most durable, versatile and simple 4 bay locking chemical management system on the market. Durable construction handles the toughest environments. Simple one-hand bottle fill - lift-n-fill.

Manufacturers Item #92174

Spartan 2 Qt. Spartasprayer

Compressed air sprayer.

Manufacturers Item #9975

Betco® Fastdraw® Freedom Portable Dispensing System

Clean without limits! One portable dispensing system does it all. Fill bottles, buckets, automatic scrubbers and foaming spray applications. Simply hook up hose and dial your application. No tubes to connect or metering tips to install.

Manufacturers Item #91290

PRO-LINK® ChemiCenter ll™ 4 Button Cabinet

On/off push button locks for filling up mop buckets and automatic scrubbers. Chemical view window for monitoring product usage. Single knob for intuitive product selection. Fresh water rinse. Single key locks both cabinet doors.

Manufacturers Item #B14318

PRO-LINK® ChemiCenter ll™ Single Button Dispenser

Push button lever locks for filling up mop buckets and automatic scrubbers. Fitting for main water supply or connecting up to two units. One handed bottle activation point. Hanging bracket secures 80 oz bottle. Proprietary cap to fit 80 oz bottle.

Manufacturers Item #B14319

Betco® Fastdraw® Dispenser System

Extremely easy to install. Simple to change or replace product. Instantly primes, when disengaged product drains back into container, no cross-contamination. Numbered and color coded for simplified use and training. Flick of lever gets either bottle or bucket fill solution. Small convenient product rack holds up to four products.

Manufacturers Item #91043

Spartan Clean on the Go® High Flow Dispenser

An adaptable, portable and stationary dispensing system designed to provide an immediate, positive impact on any environmental sanitation program. For mop buckets and automatic scrubbers. Includes racking system, installation instructions. Also includes mounting screws. 3.5 gpm.

Manufacturers Item #9159

Spartan Clean on the Go® VersaFill™ II E-Gap Dispenser

A tough and economical dispensing system for use with Spartan's Clean on the Go® 2-liter concentrates, as well as concentrated products in gallons. Allows you to dispense 4 products at 1gpm into spray bottle. 4 product at 3.5 gpm into mop buckets or auto scrubbers. E Gap version.

Manufacturers Item #9066