Tomcat® 200 Floor Burnisher - 20", Brush Assist

Brings propane quality shine and productivity to the battery machine. The head is ideally balanced and fully floating to provide a long lasting finish over uneven floor surfaces. The burnishing deck is protected under the machine, and the machine tips back permitting quick pad changes. Pad pressure is variable, and a deluxe instrument cluster is standard, including an hour meter to assist with preventive maintenance scheduling. 35,248 ft/hr burnishing rate. 3 hour run time.

Tornado® P Series Glazers™ Electric Burnishers

Expertly balanced for ideal pad-to-floor pressure and sustained RPMs. You get total pad-to-floor contact, which means greater efficiency, speed and overall cost-savings. Provides excellence in design, operator comfort, and unsurpassed burnishing performance. Specially patented design combined with precision balanced weight distribution which eliminates the need for a compensating center or front mount caster. Self-adjusting pad driver. One piece rotationally molded housing designed to absorb the torque and vibration normally felt when operating high speed. 1.5 hp motor. A 20" burnishing path, flex pad holder, lock-in retainer, 1.5 hp motor, and one piece all metal tube and switch housing it can handle the most demanding jobs. 20" rotary diameter; rotary disc brush design/type. PM motor power system; 22" motor height. 20" cleaning path; 35.5" L x 23" W x 44.5" H.

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